...refining the Museum brand was an important exercise and one that was made easier by the proficiency of the designer...In fact, the design created

by Connie Clearwater of Clearwater Studios elevated the Museum brand to
​a level that has become a source of pride to this organization....

Kathleen Fry,


Township of King,

Parks, Recreation and Culture Dept. 

...The quality of graphic design work is exceptional . Connie's eye for colour, balance and layout is flawless.... She is always aware of the need to "keep up with the times" in the quickly changing marketing/media field, where competition for the reader's attention can be a challenge...

Marina Ferrante, 

Maureen Richardson

Align & Co 

...It was refreshing to work with an individual that was consistently accurate, producing material that met or exceeded projected timelines, and provided knowledge and guidance in so many areas...

Kathryn Smyth

Dir. of Clerks/By-law, Township Clerk

Township of King

Back end

Our in-house print production department ensures timely delivery 
of materials no matter where in the world your business is.      


Professional writers work with you to create content that engages readers, drawing them ever deeper into your brand.

We Bring PASSION and ENTHUSIASM to every project, treat people with RESPECT at all times, celebrate design, and make stronger that which is weak.

follow the link below to the 
RGD website to read about Clearwater Studios, and view a current case study on the development of the King Township Public Library Logo and Branding Strategy.


Front end

We combine stunning graphics with

intuitive branding strategies to create materials that turn potential clients into customers. 

The Designer

The Studio

Principal Designer, Connie Clearwater R.G.D., brings over a decade of experience, passion and enthusiasm to every project.

Connie is a graduate of the George Brown College of Design, Toronto. She began her career with the Ontario Tourism Education Corporation (A division of the CTHRC) and was soon creating award winning training material for both the Toronto and Vancouver offices. A few years later, Connie made the natural progression to the Ontario Restaurant Hotel and Motel Association where she worked with some of the industries biggest names. After a successful career in the tourism and hospitality market, Connie decided it was time for a change, and in 2005 pursued her dream of opening an independent studio. Since that time, Clearwater Studios has had the pleasure of working with numerous clients, on a variety of projects. In 2013 Connie achieved her RGD Graphic Design Designation from the Registered Graphic Design Association of Ontario.   

Our Vision

Our Strength

... Ms Clearwater is a very talented, creative, hardworking designer, and I would highly recommend her to any business organization that is seeking graphic design work...

Rona O'Banion B.A. (HONS), M.L.S.  

Chief Executive Office

King Township Public Library

For the past 10 years, our firm has been delivering on our promise to provide unique designs that are both visually dynamic yet environmentally friendly. We pride ourselves on never delivering anything less than perfection to our clients.

Why Hire an RGD

The RGD designation is your assurance of an experienced and qualified professional.

Professional graphic design ensures a fully integrated solution that conveys the concept, the message and the positioning of your organization. It positions products or services in the marketplace and makes a company more visible, more sophisticated, smarter, faster, more powerful and more desirable than the competition. 

A Registered Graphic Designer partners with you to integrate every phase of your communication needs.

There are highly qualified designers who are not certified as Registered Graphic Designers. Unfortunately there are also many untrained, unskilled individuals who claim to offer “design services”. Often such persons may know how to use software, but have inadequate education, knowledge or experience of the design process and the many related skills that are necessary to produce effective communications. They may fail to understand the complexities of your needs,may not be fully versed in regulations surrounding anti-spam legislation or accessibility, and may not understand what it means to operate in a professional and ethical manner.

A qualified, experienced professional
Registered Graphic Designers are professionals who have been granted the right to use the RGD designation, demonstrating their ability to practice in the profession and perform to the standard of competence specified by the Association of Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) through the completion of a rigorous eligibility review process, written test and portfolio interview, overseen by the Examination Board for Registered Graphic Designers. 


Accountable and ethical
Registered Graphic Designers enter into professional, contractual agreements with clients. They fulfill their commitments in a responsible manner and work to the best of their ability to match or exceed expected outcomes.They are also subject to and  governed by the Association’s Rules of Professional  Conduct, a guide for an ethical, professional practice  of graphic design that details their professional  responsibilities to clients, the profession, the  government and the community. 


Registered Graphic Designers constantly augment  their knowledge by staying current with and integrating into their work best practices and tools, including new information on accessibility, consumer trends, research methodologies, production processes, legal requirements and efficiencies.
Passionate and serious about design
Registered Graphic Designers are committed professional members of the Association who understand the importance of a strong voice to advance the practice of graphic design and enhance awareness of the important role and value that design brings to business, society and culture.

Connected to a network of industry suppliers
Registered Graphic Designers have access to a network of suppliers, services and allied professions often needed to execute simple or complex projects in the practice of graphic design: illustrators, photographers and other image resources, printers and paper suppliers, web programmers and product manufacturers, to name a few, in addition to professionals in other design disciplines such as industrial and interior design.


Speak directly with the principal 
to handle all your needs,
from design modifications and
​printing specs to product delivery.    

      416.526.5354          info@clearwater-studios.com

Client Testimonials